What is the Curated Crafter?

It's a curation of some of the finest Handcrafted Artisans in America.  You will see the love, the quality, and the craftsmanship that goes into their products.  We want this to be a "Boutique" shopping experience not a "Big Box" store/website experience. That is why we have limited the number of Artisan Crafters in each collection to allow maximum exposure and a more pleasurable shopping experience.   Come in and experience a new way to shop over 30+ collection categories of Handcrafted Artisan items.  You will find everyday items to the hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind sought-after items and gifts.

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Our Story

How We Came To Be...

As a fellow Artisan crafter, I saw the many issues with the different sites to sell on, and as a handcrafted Artisan, I was having to compete with mass-produced products and of course, their prices which is very difficult.  Also, with those sites, there were millions of sellers, and being found could be challenging and a struggle.  Then, of course, having your own website has its challenges too, between designing, creating, orders, shipping, maintaining, and marketing (learning SEO and analytics) could be very time-consuming and overwhelming.  So, we wanted to create a better situation and solution for Artisans and their products and to also, give shoppers a better, more enjoyable place to shop and find those one-of-a-kind perfect items.


What Happened Next...

So... through lots of brainstorming, idea bouncing and collaboration the Curated Crafter was developed.  We want to help fellow  Artisan Crafters be found, be seen, and discovered.  We have developed a team dedicated to ensuring this happens.  We are going to market, advertise, and create a social media presence for you and that is why we are limiting the number of Artisans in each category, less competition, and more exposure.  We also, want to give the shoppers a "Boutique" shopping experience, not a "Big Box" store experience.  We want the Curated Crafter to be the first place that shoppers come to shop!

The Future...

Once our site has launched, our goal is within the first year to start the "Curated Crafter" magazine which will have feature articles on different Artisans and product pages from our collections featuring various Artisan products for that month. It will be a showcase of our Artisans and products.  Just another way to have our Artisans featured and inspire people to shop their wonderful products!  We have so many more ideas, so please subscribe to our site to keep up with what's happening and what's soon to come.

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Contact Us


215 East Bay St.,

Ste 201K #132

Charleston, SC   29401


Phone: 843-608-6008

Email:  info@curatedcrafter.com


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
​​Saturday: 9am - 12pm Email only
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